Sunday, December 25, 2011

Angry Drive

Story Line:
In Colorado, John Milton (Nicolas Cage) interrogates the only survivor of a car wreck he caused, seeking Jonah King (Billy Burke), the leader of a Satanic cult who murdered Milton's daughter and took her baby. In three days, King and his followers will sacrifice the child at midnight. After the man tells him where Jonah King is, Milton sets off for Louisiana to find his grandchild. He is then being followed by a strange man in a suit (William Fichtner) who identifies himself as "The Accountant".

At a diner in Oklaholma, Milton meets a waitress, Piper (Amber Heard), who gives him a ride. After dropping Milton off, she goes to her fiance Frank's (Todd Farmer) house to discover Frank is having sex with another woman. Piper viciously fights the other woman, and gets into an argument with Frank, who then decides to pulverize Piper. Milton rescues Piper, knocking Frank out, and they leave in her car. Later, The Accountant comes to Frank's house, still looking for Milton. Angry, Frank attacks the Accountant, who kills Frank with a broken baseball bat. Police arrive, and the Accountant presents an FBI badge, telling them to help him find Milton, who is supposedly an escaped convict.
Milton and Piper then stay for the night at a roadside bar/motel. Piper later spots Jonah King, who orders his men to find and kill Milton. In the motel, Milton is having sex with a waitress (Charlotte Ross), and without stopping is able to kill most of Hill's men; Piper kills the final one. The Accountant and the police arrive to find Milton. Both officers get killed, and Piper and Milton escape. The Accountant pursues them, but is shot by Milton with a strange gun that makes the Accountant's car crash. Despite not wanting anything to do with the situation, Piper agrees to help Milton to find his grandchild.
Further up the road, Milton and Piper come to a church where Jonah is inside with Milton's infant granddaughter. During the struggle, Milton is shot in the eye and apparently killed. Jonah leaves with Piper in a RV. Soon after, Milton gets up, killing almost everyone in the church, and catches up with Jonah. He manages in rescuing Piper, but Jonah escapes with the child. Back at the church, The Accountant finds someone who is still alive and he tells the Accountant that they shot Milton but he survived. He tells the Accountant that they have supposedly made a pact with Satan and that sacrificing the child will bring hell on earth. The Accountant is, however, amusedly skeptical of this.
Nearing their destination and needing a new car, Milton stops at the farm of an old acquaintance (David Morse), who is shocked to see Milton alive. Piper angrily demands an explanation for how Milton could've possibly survived being shot in the skull. He says that Milton was a career criminal, but was killed over 20 years ago. Milton explains that he was condemned to Hell, where the damned are punished by being forced to watch their loved ones suffer in real life. Claiming that his daughter was "the only good thing he ever did in his life", seeing King abuse and murder her enraged him to the point he was able to escape his bonds. The bizarre looking gun that he carries with him is called the "Godkiller", which he stole from the Devil himself, and has the ability to not just kill a person, but to erase their very soul from existence.
Just before storming the prison, the Accountant is finally able to catch up with Milton and Piper. He assures them that King and his followers have made no such pact with Lucifer (in fact, cults that kill in his name are apparently one of his greatest annoyances). He agrees to let Milton complete his objective, but is still going to return him to Hell when it's all over.
Minutes before midnight, Milton literally crashes the gathering, and he and Piper kill nearly all of King's followers. Just before he can kill the child, Piper is able to recover the Godkiller from the accountant and tries to shoot Jonah, she misses and then the gun lands next to the altar. King then beats Milton,while Milton is crawling to the gun, right when King is about to deliver the final blow Milton pulls out the Godkiller and shoots him.
With his mission completed, Milton asks Piper to watch after his granddaughter, which she agrees to. Milton is drinking a beer out of the cap of Jonah's skull, when the Accountant arrives to bring him back to Hell. Milton graciously enters a car that the Accountant summons (only after demanding that he get to drive it) and cockily tells the Accountant that if he escaped Hell once, he can surely do it again. Almost hopefully, the Accountant says he doesn't doubt him. The film then ends with a portal opening, and Milton and the Accountant driving across a long fiery bridge back into Hell.



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